Rope Piece is a participatory piece investigating bodies and borders.

Nancy’s Shoes

It’s all about the shoes with Nancy…



Take a peek at these videos of some of our pieces.
Like most things in life, the lived experience is infinitely better than the video.

Other Work

Other things we do include…

Murmurist Raves

Bla bla bla alternative bla bla bla the other etc etc

Anti Trump Dance Off

Keeping the orange menace off our streets through immersive dance experiences

About The Visitors

Rebecca Bogue and Jane Munro


by Bogue and Munro

The Visitors are London based artists Rebecca Bogue and Jane Munro. Rebecca grew up in Brazil and Jane in the UK.

We meld Dance, Performance and Live Art to create pieces that are choreographic and focus on the body. Our pieces are participatory. We bring the audience member’s attention to themselves, but also to a communal experience.

The Visitors work is ritualistic, bawdy and intimate. Our shows have been about physical memory, the audience, flirting and marriage, and most recently about borders.

The Visitors pieces draw on our experiences, our own identity and those of the audience members. We often ask the audience to add to the work with an action, text or visually marking the space.

Our work is suitable for anyone, trained or untrained performers.


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